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“I have a dream”, Martin Luther King said in one of the most iconic speeches in the history of humankind. Yet, many people only know that one sentence out of the whole speech. Some know just the four words, and the general topic of the rest of the speech. It is because what made it so powerful that it is still mentioned today, is the dream.

Sign saying “This Must be the place”
Sign saying “This Must be the place”
Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels

But, what is a dream? What makes it so powerful? What can I do to harness it and soar?

This is what we will be discussing here, so join us to find out.

Dreams are so powerful because they are at the core of our being. In fact, the word “dream” does not do them justice. It is not a “fantasy”, it is much more than a “thought” or an “idea”. It is more of a “purpose”, something which is part of you. Lumière says it best in Disney`s Be Our Guest:

“He´s not Whole” a quote from Disney`s Be Our Guest about the importance of doing what we are meant to do.
“He´s not Whole” a quote from Disney`s Be Our Guest about the importance of doing what we are meant to do.
“He`s not whole”, he (or she) who is ignoring or avoiding his “dream”. (Image from Disney`s music video on YouTube.)

This is the reason why people of all ages love (sometimes hate) stories about dreams. Everyone has a dream. If you think you don`t, then it is hidden under so much dust that you have forgotten that it exists. But it is there, and you are probably feeling the empty space it should be filling.

The Black Hole

Some try to fill this empty space with busyness. The person always going around doing things? The other one who is always starting different things and stopping after just a while? Trying to replace or find the dream that is hidden in there.

In other cases, it is addiction which takes over. From the normalized addiction to smartphones, social media and/or games to alcoholism and substance abuse.

Michael´s House is a community providing treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, among other things. This is how an article in their website starts:

I am not minimizing substance addiction here. Neither am I saying that just uncovering your dream and following it is always the solution. If you are the victim of such addictions, please seek professional help.

The Solution

What I am saying is that a symptom showing you that you have a forgotten or hidden dream is there, always. You just have to be quiet for a minute, or two. You have to become more aware of your actions, feelings, sensations and thoughts.

This journey is a central part of the first chapter of a fan-fiction series of mine. It is a fictional anecdote, but a good part of it comes from my own experience. This is a black hole which sucks in happiness and other emotions, leaving emptiness. It is important though, and wonderful, because it has helped me and many others uncover our dreams. It may also help you. Instead of running away, try to look into it.

One last thing about dreams, and my story. I had postponed my dream of writing for the public for years. I was (irrationally) afraid of the reaction of people, particularly some of those who know me.

One day, without telling anyone, I finally started the blog where that story appears. I wrote the first post, the reaction from the public (or lack of it) was not the stuff of fairy-tales, but it felt great to finally do what I had been wanting to do. I wrote again.

In less than 3 months, after writing 10 posts, I went from 0 to 3000 views. More than half (1,782, see image) of these views came in the third month. Things kept growing.

This, my friends, is the stuff that dreams are made of. When you are working hard with your dreams, not against them, wonderful things will happen.

Image for post
Image for post

What I am saying here is:

Do NOT be afraid of following your dream. People out there want to see the products of you following your dream. So do it, for them as well as for yourself.

Go have a great day.

Thank you :)

Note: Let us know about your dream. If you are creating something we can see online, link to it below, I would love to see it.

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Inspiring others (and myself) to choose hope and love en route to living life to the full.

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